Easel As Totem - series
oil on canvas, all 48"x36" (121.9cm x 91.4cm),
except #2, #7 - 36"x48" (91.4cm x 121.9cm)
and #9 - 60"x36" (152.4cm x 91.4cm)

 Easel As Totem: 1, oil on canvas, 48"x36"

Easel As Totem: 3, oil on canvas, 48"x36"Easel As Totem: 4, oil on canvas, 48"x36"

Easel As Totem: 5, oil on canvas, 48"x36"...down

Easel As Totem: 7, oil on canvas, 36"x48"

Easel As Totem: 9, oil on canvas, 60"x36"Shop and LinksEasel As Totem: 1Bending To Its Will - series

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Ara Aylesworth

Copyright © 2001 INTERPULSE ARTS

"Easel As Totem, oil on canvas, easel, totem, totems, Canadian Indian"